Do I need a Will?

If you have minor children or a house, you should have a will. If you don't have a will: A court will decide who will deal with your affairs after your death; The State determines who will receive certain types of your property; a court must oversee the distribution of your property; and if both parents have died, a court will have to ...


History of E-mail

The concept of electronically messaging for communication first arose in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson first sent text from one computer in his office to another.  This message transfer is most like instant messaging as we know it today. Tomlinson was the person who decided to use the @ symbol that the world has come to use for addressing email. The ...


What to expect when you mediate a case

As I was talking to a colleague about my mediation practice, it occurred to me that there were a number of people who may not know what to expect when they arrive at mediation. Typically, mediations follow a predictable path: The Mediator Begins the Opening Session. The mediation process starts with an opening session. After the parties arrive and make themselves comfortable, ...


The Discovery Meet And Confer: Questions to Consider from Both sides

Discovery, the process of obtaining evidence for your case, should be the result of the parties' cooperation. To that end, I recommend a meet-and-confer early in the case before money and time has been spent unnecessarily. Before the meeting, I send the following 25 questions to the other side, and I consider them myself. 1. What are the disputed issues in the ...